I’m doing 3d

So I’ve been gone a while.
I decided about a year ago to make the move over to 3D. I thought it would be a good challenge. Since that time I’ve learned a lot about UDK, Unity, and Blender.
I decided to give both Unity and UDK a try to see which I liked better and it was not an easy choice to make. I’ve always loved the Unreal engine so I decided to give UDK a shot first. I just posted 2 videos of some work i did with UDK. The sun and earth are supposed to be seen through the floor similiar to the planet you can see in my 2d shots.
As much as I loved how UDK looks and how easy it is to make something pretty, I hated working with the lightmaps, lighting UVs and Unreal script. It takes longer to find the code you want to change than it does to change it. So i moved to Unity(like everyone else).

So I started using Unity. I found it so much easier to make ideas reality in Unity. I wish I had access to post processing effects and other Unity Pro features(I’ll spring for it some day).
Using C# instead of UnrealScript makes life so much easier and the documentation is all over the web. UDK not so much.

Blender and I are finally seeing eye to eye. I’m starting to make much more complicated models. I’m just at the stage where I’ve been able to rig and animate my models but I have some more to learn and some tweaking to do.



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