Title screens, music, sounds etc

I’ve been really busy the last few days adding all sorts of things to the game.

I’ve added MUSIC, sounds, particles, soft shadows, new backgrounds, and a new title screen.

Ill be uploading a video in the next couple days (maybe a trailer). 

I’m also working on the RPG elements. I plan to have a lot of weapon upgrades, some NPCs, and some scripted events. I didn’t play any of this before hand and its a lot of work. I also have a deadline to meet for Dram Build Play, so I may have to drop some of these plans till after.


2 thoughts on “Title screens, music, sounds etc

  1. Hi! Jason Doucette just linked me to your blog here. I am also learning to code while making a game! I will be making a website soon as well. I’ve got your blog here bookmarked and will be checking it daily. Can I find you on FB?

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